Body Shaper
This Body Shaper will give your body a total transformation. The fabrics used ensure a comfortable and seamless wear.  Benefits in a nutshell Smoothens the stomach Smoothens back bulges Smoothens the upper legs Adjustable straps Gives a bum lift due...
Body Shaper - Thong
The Body Shaper in a nutshell: Slimming the waist and belly. Removable and adjustable straps. Has a hook- and eye closure for bathroom use. Has no compression at the breast area.
Body Shaper - Underwear
The Body Shaper in a nutshell: Slimming and smoothing the belly. Slimming the waist. Adjustable straps. Has no compression at the buttocks and breasts. Has an eye and hook closure for bathroom use.
Body Shaper - Without Bra
The Body Shaper in a nutshell: Slimming and smoothing the belly. Slimming and smoothing the (lower) back. Slimming and smoothing the thighs. Adjustable and removable straps. Own bra can be worn. Gives the buttock a lift. Open crotch for bathroom...
Bra Filling
Manual You lift up your chest and place the silicone filling in your bra or bikini. Then you place your breasts so that the nipple can't fall out of the bra or bikini and the right push up is given...
Breast Tape
With a traditional bra you'll need a sport, push-up, minimizer, maximizer and an balconette bra to get all the looks that you can achieve with just one of our Breast Tape. Now you can go braless while still giving your...
Bum Lift Shaping Pants
We designed this pants for lifting the butt up to twice its size. We've used the highest quality fabrics to ensure stretching with the body and seamless wear.  This pants will ensure a bigger and rounder bum underneath any type of...
High Waist Bum Lift Shaping Shorts
Benefits of the buttocks Makes the buttocks rounder, bigger and gives it a lift. Slims and smoothens your love handles and belly. Slims and smoothens the thighs. Does not roll or sag because of the non-slip silicone edge. Seamless and invisible under...
High Waist Bum Lift Shaping Shorts - With Boning
We designed the shaper pants to lift the butt while shaping and smoothening the waist and tummy. This has been achieved by creating a high waist shaper short that compresses different body parts.  Benefits in a nutshell Flattens the tummy. Sculpting the waist. Lifts and shapes...
£35.00 £31.00
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