High Waist Bum Lift Shaping Shorts
We designed the shaper pants to lift the butt while shaping and smoothening the waist and tummy. This has been achieved by creating a high waist shaper short that compresses different body parts.  Benefits in a nutshell Flattens the tummy. Sculpting the waist. Lifts and shapes...
Slimming Onderbroek
€35,00 €24,99
Slimming Onderbroek
De Slimming Onderbroek is gemaakt van Powernet compressie en hypoallergene katoen. Deze zit door de dag heen comfortabel en is perfect voor het slanker en egaal maken van de buik.  Deze shapewear is ideaal voor post-operaties, zoals na een buikwandcorrectie of een keizersnede. Maar het is ook zeker geschikt voor...
€35,00 €24,99

Shapewear are undergarments meant for shaping the body and are also known as a body shaper. This can be used to flatten the stomach, slimming the waist, slimming the thighs, make cellulite invisible and even to make your butt bigger! 
Simply put, with a body shaper it is possible to achieve an hourglass body.

We know how hard it can be to find your perfect body shaper, as shapewear comes in a wide variety to choose from, therefore we've enlisted the most important information to look for when searching for a body shaper. 

Shapewear for women

We've a wide range of shapewear products for women. Momentarily we don't offer any shapewear for men, so rest assured that you will not accidentally buy a shapewear for another gender. 

All in one shapewear

Our customers ask a lot of times for a 'all in one shapewear'. One that slims the thighs, stomach, back, waist and lifts the ass. We have managed to design an all in one shapewear. As it might sound as the perfect body shaper, it does come with some disadvantages for the wearer.

This body shaper starts from above the knee all the way up underneath the breast with extra straps around the shoulder blades for support. You can already imagine wearing a bra with straps might feel uncomfortable due to having four straps around your shoulder blade.

The second disadvantage comes during the warmer season of the year. What if you'd like to wear a skirt during the summer? This shapewear will definitely not be seamless anymore underneath such outfits. 

The third advantage might be valid when wearing certain dresses on a nights out. For example a dress with open shoulder blades. You'd of course not to have straps visible, right? 

Thankfully we have a wide selection of shapewear and offer a solution for every situation and outfit. In the following paragraphs we will help you with choosing the best body shaper that fits your needs.

Seamless shapewear

The first thing you might have wondered is if the shapewear is visible underneath (tight) clothing. We can proudly say that all our body shapers are designed with fabrics that make it seamless. This means that no one will ever notice that you're wearing our body shapers underneath tight or normal clothing.

Shapewear for dresses

Its highly likely that you would like to wear a body shaper during a night out or dinner out underneath a fancy dress. As we've previously mentioned, an all in one body shaper is not the best solution for dresses due to the straps.

Backless shapewear

When you are looking for a backless shapewear for mid-long length dresses, then the shapewear pants or panties are the perfect solution for you. These offer tummy control the need of having straps. 

High waist shapewear

We have made sure to make every shapewear target multiple body parts by designing most of our shapewear to be high waist. This offers for example the benefits of lifting and shaping the bum while also targeting tummy control and slimming the waist.

We design all of our shapewear to give the most benefits to the wearer with the highest comfort. 

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