High Waist Bum Lift Shaping Shorts

2-3 working days

These Bum Shaping Pants have open holes to shape the buttocks. This gives the buttocks an elevator, makes it fuller and rounder underneath any garments.

The Bum Shaping Pants is a high waist pants, which shapes the belly, waist and your 'love handles'. The short legs shape the thighs and makes it slimmer.

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Benefits of the buttocks

  • Makes the buttocks rounder, bigger and gives it a lift.
  • Slims and smoothens your love handles and belly.
  • Slims and smoothens the thighs.
  • Does not roll or sag because of the non-slip silicone edge.
  • Seamless and invisible under clothing.

Non-slip silicone edge

The anti-slip silicone edge keeps the pants firmly on your skin. This prevents the pants from rolling, sagging and keeps them comfortable.

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